Sea Buckthorn


Sea Buckthorn Berry ★★

Sea Buckthorn has a little bit of everything: Antioxidants, amino acids, B-vitamins like folic acid, copper, omega 3’s, omega 6’s, omega 9’s, organic acids, manganese and selenium and much more. It also has Omega 7 fats (Palmitoleic and Vaccenic acids). These particular Omega 7 fats signal the body to stop storing fat so these fruits are an excellent weight loss tool. Sea Buckthorn berry has 10 times the vitamin C than oranges do and it’s almost a multivitamin in itself containing most, if not all, of the vitamins found in a multivitamin.1

Sea buckthorn has nearly the same amount of vitamin E as wheat germ, 3 times more vitamin A than carrots, and 4 times more superoxide dismutase (SOD), which is a very important enzyme in the body preventing free radical damage to cells, than ginseng.1

The berry also helps with constipation by lubricating the intestinal lining to help the intestines secrete mucus so food can flow through properly. The berry also helps keep your skin beautiful and shining.1

One small study on men showed that it may be able to help increase insulin sensitivity in men who have elevated glucose levels and therefore reduce the risk for developing type 2 diabetes.2

Use the capsule form (since the fruit itself is hard to find) and take one 500mg capsule daily. The berry comes in grain, oil, berry, juice or tea form. You can apply it on your skin using the oil. Click Here to Read More


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