Parsley ★★

Parsley contains antioxidants called isothiocyanides, which can help fight off ovarian cancer. They may have the ability to prevent heart attacks and high blood pressure by helping your body get rid of excess salt so if you tend to eat things with a lot of salt, add some parsley to it.  Add about 10 sprigs or 2 tablespoons. Eating 1 cup of raw or ½ cup per week can help you reap the full benefits. Remember to chew a lot to release as many of the antioxidants as possible.1

                  Parsley can help protect your vision because it contains luteolin (like Peppers) and it may help protect your eyes from UV radiation. It can also help protect against glycation, which damages the retina. A remedy for this is to blend Celery, Peppermint and Parsley together with water or juice and drink about a cup of it each day until it improves or gets better.2




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