Mushrooms ★★★

This may be one of the healthiest foods on the planet, active against pretty much anything from vitamin deficiencies to cancer.

Vitamin D is an important vitamin for regulating mood, food and sleep. Mushrooms contain plenty of Vitamin D and can really help balance out any deficiencies with sleep, hunger or your overall mood.  If you are depressed, mushrooms may help alleviate the problem if it is due to a lack of Vitamin D in your system plus it may help those with Seasonal Awareness Disorder (SAD) as well. 1 Cup of mushrooms provides 100% of the RDA for Vitamin D and a good portion of your RDA of selenium.1

Concerning cancer, Mushrooms may be one of the most effective cancer fighters in the world. On top of that they only have about 100 calories per cup. Many studies done on Mushrooms show that they contain very powerful compounds that have been shown to stop cancerous tumor growths.One study from China showed that women who ate at least 10 grams of mushrooms per day reduced their chances of getting breast cancer by 64%. What may be responsible for this is its ability to block estrogen production. Most if not all mushrooms have this effect.

                  As an immune system enhancer few foods can match mushrooms. They have been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years as a medicine that enhances the immune system by providing vitamins and minerals, cleaning out the liver and kill bacteria, viruses and parasites. In Western medicine it has been recommended for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. If you have HIV or AIDS you can also benefit from the powerful immune boosting quality of mushrooms too.

When combine with Green Tea it may provide additional health benefits (You don’t have to have them at the same time just part of your regular diet).2,3,4 Mushrooms have been used to treat all kinds of illnesses because they do not have any known side effects and can be eaten regularly. However, if you have never had mushrooms before you should try a little bite first to see if you have any negative reaction.

common mushroom

White (Common/White Button) Mushrooms


Shiitake Mushrooms




Crimini Mushrooms (Baby Portabello mushrooms)



Maitake Mushrooms


king trumpet mushroom

King Trumpet Mushroom (King Oyster Mushroom)


Lingzhi Reishi mushrooms

Reishi Mushrooms (Lingzhi Mushroom)

Note: Mushrooms are not a vegetable but a fungus but we tend to use them (i.e cook them) like we do vegetables. That’s why they’re listed in this section.



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