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Quail are small birds found throughout the U.S and come in varying sizes.  Quail meat tastes much like beef but has a stronger taste to it. The meat contains much of the same vitamins and minerals as other red meats like vitamin B’s, iron, phosphorus and selenium, which is important for fighting off cancer. You can get about 33% of your daily value of niacin and vitamin B6 from a 3 oz serving and about 21 grams of protein as well, which is a little over 40% of your daily value. Quail meat also has a 5:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fats, which is the best ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fats of the red meats.

Omega 6 fats are healthy fats that reduce inflammation, especially in our arteries. These fats are abundant in many of the nuts, grains and oils that we eat. However, when we start getting too many omega 6’s in our diet, it begins to have a reverse effect. They promote inflammation by irritating the lining of your arteries.

Quail meat has less fat than other red meats so it can dry out quicker than most other meats. You can braise, roast or broil quail meat.

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