Lemons ★★★

Lemons, according to one study, were able to keep human liver cancer from growing. In the 7 fruits studied for that experiment, it was second only to Cranberries.1 Lemons are also a great antibacterial both topically and when you eat it because its so acidic, which makes lemons weapons against bacteria in the stomach like H-pylori.2

When added to tea, the acid from lemons keeps the antioxidants in your tea from breaking down keeping more of the antioxidants active and available for your body to use when you drink it.

The smell of lemon helps wake up the senses. The oils inside Lemons can also help calm anxiety. The white area under the skin and the peel itself contain most of Lemon’s healthy oils so use a zester to add the peel to tea or salads. Adding Lemon slices to water may also help fight off fatigue. 2

Lemon juice is a natural whitener because it inhibits the production of melanin, which causes age spots. So you can use lemon juice to help prevent age spots from developing on the skin.2


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Meyer Lemon ★★★

This lemon is a cross between a tangerine and lemon. It has the tart and sour taste of lemon but it also tastes sweet. It contains the same antioxidants as regular lemons and it’s less acidic. The peel is thinner and you can eat it as well. The peel is a good source of isoflavanoid antioxidants, the same kind found in regular lemon peels but without much of a bitter taste.


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