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String beans and Green beans are the same thing. They can come in green or yellow varieties. Peas are the little pods from the inside of the bean. String beans are low on the glycemic index mainly because of their high fiber, protein content. It’s a very good for lowering cholesterol and the antioxidants make it a good anti inflammatory food. The fiber in string beans can act like a prebiotic, meaning it can boost the activity of the healthy bacteria in your gut. The seed coat seems to contain a majority of the healthy nutrients.

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Carob ★★

Carob is a legume that’s unique from other legumes because is tastes like chocolate. It’s an excellent alternative for those who like chocolate but are diabetic or overweight. It does not contain the caffeine and fats you find in chocolate as well. It’s also one of the best sources of fiber from food that we can get since 40% of its weight is fiber.

It contains antioxidants called tannins that give it its dark color. These same tannins are also responsible for giving tea its dark color. These tannins make carob a great anti bacteria food because they act as astringents. This means that they have a drying effect on our cells and the microbes in our body like bacteria. The tannins remove water from our gastrointestinal tract and kills bacteria by dehydrating it.

That astringent effect makes carob powder a great treatment for diarrhea. When mixed with water, the tannins, fiber and large sugar molecules create a jelly-like mix that absorbs excess water from your gut. This effect works best on children with diarrhea. This same effect can help treat Gastro Intestinal Reflux Disease (GERD) by keeping stomach acid from refluxing back into your esophagus.

Carob is a great source of calcium, potassium, copper and manganese as well as vitamin A and vitamins B2, B3 and B6. It contains a lot of natural sugar so it may not be best to eat in large quantities. Try mixing it with some applesauce or mashed sweet potatoes for a healthy and great tasting snack.

Recent studies are showing that the high fiber content may help fight off colon cancer. The studies looked at the effects of digested fiber from carob on human colon cancer cells and found that they slowed down or stopped the rate at which the cancer cells were dividing. Even the aggressively dividing cell lines were slowed down by the presence of carob. Whether you have or are at risk for colon cancer, carob is a great and versatile food to add to your diet.


Anti-Diarrhea mix for children:

  • Mix 2 ½ tablespoons of carob powder with some applesauce or mashed sweet potato. Add a little bit more carob powder for adults according to your taste.




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