Holy Basil

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Holy Basil/Tulsi ★★★


Holy Basil (Tulsi Tea) may be one of the healthiest herbal teas in the world. Holy Basil is a species of Basil called Ocimum tenuiflorum. The health benefits are virtually endless. It is used in India, Thailand and all over Asia as an ingredient in foods. It is also one of the most important Ayurvedic herbs that is used to treat ailments like skin diseases and all kinds of gastric problems and it can be used to help prevent relapses of a wide range of sicknesses.

Holy Basil is an Adaptogen and its primary function is to reduce stress. Adaptogens causes your body to adapt to stress by keeping it from releasing stress hormones.

Holy Basil is an excellent anti inflammatory herb and tea. It is also an excellent cancer fighter, an anti microbial, anti-viral and anti fungal herb. In a few lab studies, it killed off HIV and Staph infections (Staphylococcus aureus) because of its’ oils.

Note: I’m not claiming that Holy Basil will cure HIV, AIDS, or Staph infections. Modern medicine should not be pushed aside concerning these types of infections.

Holy Basil can help reduce fasting blood sugar levels and may lower your cholesterol levels.

Indian families may sometimes keep a Holy Basil plant in the home and eat one leaf per day or drink the tea daily. It tastes much like Basil. You can grow this plant in your garden or in your home and use it in the same way you would as Basil.

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