Cheeses contain a high amount of nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and protein. Cheese also contains some of the bacteria we use in probiotics.

Cheese is great for your bones as well as treating and preventing osteoarthritis because of its’ natural calcium and Vitamin D content.

Cheeses can also be good for you teeth and help prevent cavities. They do this by raising the pH levels in your mouth. Natural bacteria in your mouth produce the acids. The bacteria ferment sugars and starches from the food we eat and make acids that cause dental caries (tooth decay or cavities). The plaque on your teeth is food that is being fermented by the bacteria. When the pH levels in your mouth are between 5.2 and 5.7 is when the acids are most effective at damaging your teeth. Cheeses raise the pH levels, which slows down the rate at which teeth are being damaged by the bacteria acids.


Parmesan cheese

Hard Cheeses ★★

Hard cheeses are the best cheeses to prevent bacteria from damaging your teeth. Studies show that areas where cheese was eaten more frequently had fewer incidents of cavities. They are also excellent cancer fighters because they contain a special form of vitamin K called menaquinone (Vitamin K2).  This form of vitamin K can keep cancer cells from growing new blood vessels to support their growth. It also protects the lining of your arteries and heart from damage and atherosclerosis. This also means that it lowers your risk of heart disease, heart attacks. Some of the healthiest hard cheeses include Emmenthal, Jarlsburg, Gouda, and Edam cheeses. These cheeses originate from northern Europe (Scandinavia).  Getting these hard cheeses from this region is the best place to start.

            Studies are showing that people who eat at least 2 slices of hard cheese per day lower their risk of developing cancer, particularly lung cancer. Some cancers risks may possibly be reduced by as much as 60%.

Click Here for a list of common Hard Cheeses




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