Cranberries have very few calories per serving and are an excellent source of vitamin C. Cranberries, cranberry products and cranberry juice are great for fighting off urinary tract infections. It does this by acidifying your urine, which makes it harder for bacteria to stick to the bladder walls. They are an excellent source of high quality antioxidants, specifically, flavanoids.

They are a very powerful anti inflammatory food. They can help prevent cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases like arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. They are also a good weapon against many different types of cancer, specifically, breast cancer. It also works well to protect your kidneys, bladder and skin.

Some studies show that it can slow or stop the growth of H. Pylori, a virus linked to ulcers and other gastric ailments.

Cranberry juice can keep plaque from forming on the teeth, which helps prevent them from getting yellow.


Try to avoid cranberry drinks that contain high amounts of sugar per serving. Some brands can have up to 28 grams of sugar per 8oz serving, which is equivalent to 7 teaspoons of sugar. The added sugar is because cranberries have a bitter taste. You can make your own juice by blending cranberries with water and adding your own sugar, honey or stevia. You can also purchase pure unsweetened cranberry juice as well.
Most commercial cranberry cocktail products contain far too much sugar and some only contain about 30% (or less in some cases) of actual cranberry juice.

Cranberry juice can also help prevent heart disease and heart attacks together with flaxseed oil. Try a couple of ounces of cranberry juice with a teaspoon of flaxseed oil. Feel free to try it with other heart healthy oils like olive oil or coconut oil

All in all you should have ¼ cup of cranberries per day to get the full benefits or drink about 4 cups of unsweetened, lightly sweetened or homemade juice per day.

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