Buckwheat is not a type of Wheat. It’s a plant that is in the same family as Rhubarb. Buckwheat hulls have been noted as having a pretty good stopping effect on cancer cells although there aren’t any large studies done on humans yet.


Buckwheat also contains a compound called Rutin. This compound has the ability to lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and it can help strengthen the capillaries. Rutin is also found in other foods like Apples, Red Wine, Cherries, Tomatoes and Broccoli.

In Ayurvedic use, Buckwheat is helpful with gout and varicose veins. When Buckwheat is used as a tea, it may help treat circulatory problems.

A bonus use for Buckwheat is the seed hull. These hulls are used to stuff pillows. Buckwheat hull pillows can give more support for the head than regular pillows, the hulls also keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter because of how they insulate air. Because of the benefits, these pillows may also help those with neck pain sleep better and may make sleep come easier for those suffering with insomnia.

Note: Allergen content may vary by brand

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