Black Pepper


Black Pepper/Peppercorn ★

Black pepper is a strong antibacterial and antiviral but an even stronger fighter of cancer. There is emerging evidence that shows that piperine, which is a powerful antioxidant in black pepper, may help reverse the resistance of some types of cancer to anti cancer drugs. The study used breast and lung cancer cells. Another study found that black pepper may also help fight off colon cancer.

Amazingly, piperine can help you absorb the good stuff from other spices. For example, it can make it easier for your body to absorb curcumin, the compound that makes Turmeric yellow. Curcumin is a very very powerful antioxidant and cancer fighter.

In one study, piperine in mice helped increase their memory and slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s in the brain.

Black pepper can also help with digestion and can clear out allergens from your nasal cavity. The outer layer of Peppercorn has a compound that helps break down fat cells.

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