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The almonds that we are use to eating are from the sweet almond tree. Almonds have been known to lower cholesterol levels and low on the glycemic index so it’s great for people with diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. It’s also a great source of Vitamin E.

Almonds have plenty of fiber (4 grams per serving) and are good for your heart because they are a solid anti inflammatory food and have a good dose of fiber. 2-4% of an almond is made up of an antioxidant called amygdalin. The antioxidants combined with the vitamins and minerals makes almonds a great cancer fighter.

Almonds have a high fat content. However, the fats are healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. 20 percent of an almond’s weight is protein so this is a great food for those trying to lose weight and get lean. The fats in almonds can actually help you lose weight since eating healthy can help shift your body into fat burning mode instead of fat storing. Almonds are one of the only nuts that contain kaempferol, a very powerful flavanoid antioxidant linked to reduced risks of cancer.

Blanched almonds are almonds without the skin. The skin actually has a wide variety of antioxidants in it so grab the non blanched almonds for the best health benefits.

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