Hello and welcome to Eat2life. This website was designed to provide you with information about many different types of foods and their health benefits.

I started this website because there are so many different kinds of natural foods out there in the world that have a tremendous amount of health benefits. They can help heal a range of conditions from something as simple as a cut or bruise, to fighting off cancer. Some foods may protect and defend against a certain disease or condition while others many not do as well against that same disease. There are also foods that complement each other and can work together to improve your health. Studies are always revealing new information about the relationships between various foods and any possible new health benefits of specific foods.

Many groups and tribes around the world have been using foods, herbs and plants as both food and medicine for many generations and we are just now beginning to learn how these groups of people around the world have been using these foods as well as the science behind how many of these foods are so powerful.

Food is medicine. It is both preventive and curative medicine and if we can utilize the abilities natural foods have to heal and promote health, perhaps we can begin to reverse chronic epidemics like diabetes and obesity. Many of the foods we need to do this are readily available to everyone and are as close as your local grocery store.

I want to state that the information on the website is not intended to replace any medicine you may be taking for any condition you may have. I believe that there are many natural foods out there that work together with conventional medicines to help restore your health. So talk to your doctor or practitioner first about which foods to avoid while taking your medications. Enjoy!

– Sewit Haile, MPH

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